Statement of Faith

We Believe:

  1. In the plenary and verbal inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible as originally given; that it is the only infallible Word of God and the supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and conduct. 2 Tim 3:16-17; 2 Pet 1:19-21
  2. That there is only one true God, eternally existing in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Deut 6:4; Matt 11:25-27; 28:19; 2 Cor 13:14; 1 Pet 1:2-3
  3. In Jesus Christ, God the Son, the world’s only Savior; in His preincarnation, virgin birth, sinless life, vicarious death, burial, bodily resurrection, and personal, visible return. Isa 7:14; 1 Cor 15:3-4; 2 Cor 5:21; Gal 3:13; 1 Thess 4:16-17
  4. In God the Holy Spirit, who convicts the world of sin, regenerates, indwells, and empowers the believer. Jn 3:5-6; 16:7-11; Acts 1:8; Rom 8:9-11; 1 Cor 6:19; 12:13; Tit 3:5
  5. That all men and women are sinful and lost and can be saved only by grace through faith in the shed blood of Christ. Jn 1:12; 3:16; Rom 3:23; 6:23; Eph 2:8-9
  6. In the resurrection of the dead, the believer to life everlasting and the unbeliever to eternal condemnation. Jn 5:28-29; 11:25-26; Matt 25:46
  7. That the church is the body of Jesus Christ, for which He will return, comprising all who have accepted the redemption provided by Him. Jn 14:1-6; 1 Cor 12:12-27; Eph 1:22-23; Col 1:18,24
  8. That the presence of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit in the believer is evidenced in a life of personal holiness and a walk of obedience to the will of God. Jn 15; Rom 8; Gal 2:20; 5:16-26